I am passionate about PEOPLE.

Photography helps me express this passion. I have been working with people for over fifteen years helping create genuine expressions of  family moments, weddings and special occasions.

I value the INDIVIDUAL.

Working in a great many locations and with a large client base over the years has given me a flexibility in working conditions as well as a sense that every one of us has a unique message to the world and that we all desire to be heard. Working with you to achieve this is one of my best skills.

I am one of the BEST.

Whoa! What a statement huh? I have come by this honestly I swear. I have not dedicated the greater part of my adult life pursuing something that I am not passionate about, have great skill in and hold a high integrity with my clients. I am not here today gone tomorrow. I will stick with you till the end then we’ll do it again.

Some other things about ME…..

I am a mother. My youngest is 15 and my oldest is 20. Being a mother has been one of the most challenging but rewarding things I have encountered. Thankfully I do not do this alone and can say with awe and astonishment that I am married to the same guy who wooed my heart almost 20 years ago.

I have been to 12 countries so far. I Grew up in Hawaii and most recently lived in Scotland for 6 months with my family.

I like Tofu. No one else in my family will admit to this but I grew up with my mother making it from scratch, grinding the beans and laboring to make this strange and wonderful source of protein. I like it. a lot

I love to sew. Clothing mostly but I have made all sorts of things over the years. My favorite have been elaborate gowns I had made for my daughters and niece when they were younger.

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