I knew the wind in the tall trees before I knew God the father. I knew the way the sunlight dappled in the leaves and on the speckled ground around me. I knew of waiting for the fig to ripen on the branch and of climbing the plum trees in the back yard. I knew the juicy crunch of a fresh picked red ripe plum before I knew of Jesus’ blood shed for me. I knew my fingers were made to create things before I was discipled into a prayerful life.

When I stop and listen for my old friend the wind, I know now who he comes from. He is close to God the father. The wind and sunlight are his and now that I know Father God I am enriched to know they come from Him. The fig and plum are his fruits that I have been keenly blessed with. I know that because of them I too was somehow close to God before I knew the knowledge of Him.

My memories of making with my hands goes far back. Sewing with a needle and thread before I was 6. Braiding and weaving and tieing all acts of purpose I know now to be a purpose which I was created to do.

There is a deep well within me. Every time I am outdoors and I find my old friends wind-in-the- tall-trees and dappled-sunlight this inner peace is nurtured in a way only God understands as His creation is close to Him and I am close to Him.

This reminds me of something I heard in church very recently.

Others may be far from God but they are close to you.

It is a missonal phrase. It is a hang in there statement. It is a cry to keep going to keep looking for the ways God has given you to continue being His ambassadors for him on this earth.

One might not talk to God but they might talk to you. They might be far from God but they are close to you and because they are close to you they are closer than they think to God. This is not because we are as God but this is because our cares are given to God. As we have relationship with Him we have an exchange of power. Our strength to endure comes not from us but from Him and as we give him our burdens they are then His burdens and as we give him our heart he then gives us His. And it is with His heart that we are able to love others. And maybe you will find that the people you thought were far from God get to move a little closer to knowing God because they knew you first.

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