Training wheels on a dirt road in Colorado

There’s kind of a rythym you find when your young children learn to ride without training wheels. You set out with a decent stretch of straight pavement. You run along side of them for a good couple of strides gripping the seat. Eventually though you must let go. I guess you realize “you know what the ground is right there and they are gonna crash a few times before this is over”

I was remembering when we set out on a sunny day to go learn these kids some bike riding skills. We had all three with their bikes and we had removed one training wheel at a time. There is a transaction of trust that happens, it goes like this. Dad starts running, gripping the seat, your learner is pedaling fast, at the right moment you sense it, you let go and it’s all them. They wobble and swerve and look over and your not right there anymore and they get freaked and they eat it. You run over, stand them up and prop the bike up and go again. And again. And again until oh my god, they are flying around the paved path at the park without you even helping with a huge sunny grin across their face and laughter breaking forth like bells chiming.

I remember that I had a hard time with this. At first I wouldn’t want to let go. There would be frustration on both sides. Running parent would get tired and young padawan would loose confidence. Eventually I learned the rythym. I realized what all parents do, that the ground is right there and they are going to crash a few times before this is all over.

Ps. Once I learned how to let them go on the bike I was the best one at it. Tom would just send them with mom to learn to ride that bike.

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