She said her name was Mary

My mom has been visiting and it has been a very sweet time. As I have gotten older I have certainly come into a new place of relating with my mom. 

I brought her into our local Starbucks so she could get her chai tea latte on the way to the airport. She made her order and when the Barrista asked what her name was she said “mary”. Now this was a total surprise to me because she is not a “mary”. My mother’s name is Feather and has been since she changed it 50 years ago. She turned to me a gave me a shrug, she was obviously aware of my surprise. It’s just so much easier this way she said, unapologetically. 

I said tell me about it – try being a shy 8 year old. Here we were just two Mary’s anonymously waiting for the Starbucks drink order to be filled. Sometimes you don’t want to go into all the details of your name with the grocery store attendant or the Barrista. And that is OK

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