You are a beauty because in your face I see someone I once knew.

She is gone. Far away from me now
In another world. another place. Walking from her condo to her job.

I’m glad for her

How fleeting life is.
I’ve already lived a hundred lives
And I will live a hundred more

I look around me now and see the trappings of this life 

Grey plastic
Black screen
Electric fan
Green painted wall

And it’s different from the life of me when I was small

Pastel tye dye fabric
Large square tufted pillow
Purple elephant
Blue bowl

And it’s different from the life of me when I was older

Old Yellow truck
Pacific Ocean
Crested wave
Blue skirt
Orange cushioned couch
Kitchen duties

different still from another life I have lived

Old Brick walls
The Cold Chinook wind off the high plain
Old house dust
New sheet rock dust
Recessed lighting 
The right shade of blue in the kitchen
Kids in soccer
Jack o’lanterns and Christmas lights

And when I see your face
It is beautiful
And I say you are a beauty
Because I am reminded of her
And that I had a life once where she made me a room to live. She welcomed me into her home

Now she walks from her condo in nice weather to her job
And I have a grey plastic fan against a nice green painted wall in another place another life far away


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