God’s Timing is Crucial

She leaned over in the dim auditorium and whispering close to my ear waited a moment to make sure I was listening. She said 

“I do know that,” pause…

“God’s timing.. is.. crucial”  

the last word being punctuated by the final bowed note from the orchestra performance of a Vivaldi piece.

And with the end of the piece she got up and left, she had a dinner to get to with her husband, leaving me to watch the last bit of the school performance that we both had children in.

I saw my life as an ongoing movie and thought what an interesting tale that life is weaving in between school orchestra rigolettos-and-strings, Halloween costumes and helping your highschooler find a job.

Drivers permits, work schedules, home-cooked meals and football games.

Who likes who, the death of a friend, the oldest girls first roadtrip to see her boyfriend.

It is an ongoing story that doesn’t seem planned at all but at certain moments, like when my friend leaned in and shared that sentiment I just get the feeling that there is a plan and that I can trust God to bring it into view. And I am so thankful that this is my part. Wife, mother, daughter, friend. How blessed to be in the midst of this set on this stage.


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