Arizona Highways and adventures with my Camera

 Tom and I recently got a subscription to the magazine Arizona Highways. This is a perfect expression of information through art. From the photography to the sometimes poetic stories we learn more tidbits of history and adventure from our own near and dear state of Arizona.
I was pleased to see Sonoita-Patagonia featured on the April 2017 cover. Through Tom’s job we have traveled all throughout the state and Sonoita-Patagonia is one of my favorite places.

In my other life, the one where I am a writer with kids as old as I am now and I don’t need to go to town every day for groceries I imagine I could live in Patagonia. Looking out my window at the wide open land and how it looked 100 years ago waiting for the clouds to roll in to get captured by the Santa Ritas.

The clouds rolled in when I was there accompanying Tom while he was being introduced to his territory back in 2014. Once he was delivered to the winery for his meeting I took the van back down the road and had a grand time snapping away at everything my lens and I could find.

I check back every once in a while with this old windmill to see if it’s missing any teeth. And when the wind picks up and it rattles me a hello, I’ll take my camera up to my eye and snap one just for old times sake.

P.S. if anyone who happens to find this blog is in any way related to the Arizona Highways Magazine can you please tell me how to be involved with getting published in your magazine, it is a secret dream of mine -insert smiley emogi here- AND shout out to me who is going to post this three minutes from now when I finish writing this-here-blog-post.

p.p.s.That’s an accomplishment for me folks! I usually write a post then let it age for a few months before pressing publish. I guess I’m getting braver.


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