A meteor crater

I went just yesterday to the Meteor Crater on the high plain in northern Arizona, near Winslow.

Sitting in the courtyard soaking up the sun I was pleasantly blessed to see so many people notice and enjoy this framed view.

Framed view of the San Francisco Peaks from the Meteor Crater visitor center

The Crater was great to see,to imagine the event of this impact. To think of a cowboy out on the ranch. One day discovering meteor chunks from his high saddle, back in the early days. And even before that how native peoples experienced the crater. 

The day was sunny and brisk, the colors of the high plain were just as I love them – Blue sky white puffs                          bleached blonde grasses                            red earth and purple horizon

The highlight of my day though was the family taking a once in a lifetime family snap of their baby in the frame of this beautiful view. 

I loved to see the people as they were leaving the exhibit notice with awe and amazement this view, that was framed into the brick walled enclosure of the courtyard of this oval building. 

It is enough to restore my hope in people, that they will see it! They will notice beauty and stop in amazement for a minute and let that beauty add to their life story. 

People left and right were stopping to take a snap, to look at and notice the glory of the desert this day and all days as people from everywhere come to visit the Meteor Crater on the high plain in northern Arizona, near Winslow. 

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