This is MY spot!

This is my spot! I found it. I haven’t brought any one else to my spot yet. It’s not so much that it is a secret spot. It is, in fact, in plain view. And I am sure every one who lives in the town of Bisbee knows how to get here. It’s just that well there just hasn’t been a chance to bring any one along.

The first time I found this spot I needed a stretch. I had been hoofing it up and down the stairways of Bisbee for fitness sake! And I was happy to find this tippy tippy of rock precipice for me to downward dog and dancer pose for a minute or two. I remember the wind got brisk and came quick and by the time I got back down to street level a storm had rolled in and made me take out my camera again to get some more shots.

The next time I came I enjoyed the view and was quiet for a few minutes. I had come to town on a solitary foto expeditionary.  That is old buildings a camera and moi.


Today as I clambered up the solid grey rock faces I happened to see an inch worm. I watched him as he slowly but steadily took one inching step after another on this hard scratchy surface seemingly devoid of his food source. I am looking at the massive rock and the tiny inch worm and thinking how did he get here?

I feel like that inch worm and as I  am
sitting on this rocky topped mountain ledge in the middle of traffic and construction and old down town Bisbee I am reaching both arms up inch worm style to find my way to take the next step.


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