Jaquaranda and my Birthday


20140403_132733Once upon a time I lived on an island. There was a Grove of trees that bloomed purple once a year.  When you drove on the old paved road that cut through this stand of trees the sky looked either blue with smoke or blue with electricity depending on the presence of the sun. I used to drive this old paved route special. I could have picked a more direct route if I needed to but some days especially around my birthday in April  I would pick the Jaquaranda Road.

That was many years ago but I received a sweet reminder that my birthday season is here. I was in a parking garage at a resort in Phoenix. When I finished returning a few phone calls and making a few appointments I walked out into the sunny warmth and started to walk around the manicured lawns. With the sounds of a poolside waterfall, the delighted squeal of a child and the distant drone of a leaf blower in my ears and all around me I turned and saw a blue electricity in the sky.

My Jaquaranda! That is my flower from another life my flower telling me I am beautiful and valuable. It is my birthday blossom. God’s celebration of spring and my birth is a moment in that glory. How special my recollections are of those times when I took the road that was less traveled and soaked in this message from heaven.

April brings purple blossoms
April brings purple blossoms

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