You are Here

IMG_3648You know that star on the map in the mall that tells you where YOU are? Well to me a family photo can be like that star on the map of your life… Baca_WM_13

When I work with any family, in the studio or on location, I am always sure to tell them that half the battle is won just getting every one in the same place. With some of the busy schedules that we are forced or tempted to keep getting everyone together at the same time and place can be a challenge. But I think its a challenge worth fighting for. The “star” that it puts on my map can be so precious.

I was reminded of that myself this January when my own family (my 5 plus our extended) got together and took some pictures. We see each other often but with 4 teens, work and school schedules to contend with it takes a little more than chance for all of us to get the “picture” if ya know what I mean. So with some planning this wonderful thing happened. We all brought our best, tromped around the dessert (in our chosen “look”) and let the camera do the rest. Ok kids now you can keep growing up……..Fite_WM_13

And the star that tells me “You are Here” is just somehow a bit easier for me to see.



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